The making of a Smartbike part 1

Making it smart

We started out analyzing the needs we wanted the bike to meet, and then narrowed it down to specifics. It’s not an easy task making just one bike for everyone, but we set the bar high as we didn’t want to exclude to many people. What was left was the ”not to be compromised with” core values that in our definition makes a smartbike; durable e-system, modular travel system and unisex design.

Then it was straight to the drawing boards. Our team of industrial designers dived deep in the concept, and came up with a whole bunch of realistic propositions, and a few not so realistic ones. For now that is, who knows what the future holds. Anyways, the result came out as a e-bike with a low entry, for both men and women, a bit smaller tire dimensions for comfort and the easy plug and play modular system for the front plattform and rear carrier.