A new era in urban mobility. Swedish e-bike manufacturer Walleräng E-bikes, located in Gothenburg, introduces new line of 2018 modular e-bikes and a highly innovative modular system - WMS - for smart and versatile attachment of different accessories to the front and rear Walleräng e-bike platforms.


Release info:

30 August 2017, at Eurobike in Friederichshafen, Germany, together with the complete international bike industry, Swedish e-bike manufacturer Walleräng E-bikes AB introduces the new line of 2018 modular e-bikes, and a unique Walleräng Modular System - WMS.


The WMS – Walleräng Modular System

The system marks a new era in urban mobility. The WMS forms a unique solution for front and rear travel equipment fully integrated with the platforms with which the Walleräng Modular E-bikes are equipped.


The ease of use is striking. Over a week, customers need to carry many different things over their daily commute. The WMS concept makes it possible and easy to just swap your baskets and accessories in a second.


- At Walleräng E-bikes, we strongly believe in the ability to customize your E-bike with accessories that covers all of your needs. We also believe in the pleasure of having a choice. That’s the core of the Walleräng Modular System, says to Love Laos, responsible manager for the development of the WMS-system at Walleräng E-bikes AB.


Modular E-bike – TAPPER

The new 2018 line of modular e-bikes entail the Walleräng TAPPER. It is a trekking style e-bike that brings a perfect combination between an adventure and everyday commuting. The Shimano STEPS E8000 drive unit with electronic Di2 shifting provides the extra push up the mountain, and the WMS makes it possible to bring all year gear, even to the top. The high comfort combination between the RockShox suspension and the wide Super Moto-X tires from Schwalbe gives you also the perfect city character to this bike.


Modular E-bike – TJUGO

Also, Walleräng E-bikes introduces the TJUGO, a smart and compact 20-inch belt-driven city e-bike equipped with the Walleräng Modular System. With the TJUGO, a distance or a district that previously required some dedicated planning, suddenly feels like it’s around the corner. The opportunity of being part of the city life grows as we can explore it in a both comfortable and exciting way. TJUGO is the perfect tool for all the daily missions, even the unusual ones.


At Eurobike 2017, starting 30th of August 2017 in Friederichshafen, Germany, the bicycle industry and visitors are welcome to review and try the new line of modular e-bikes from Walleräng, and the WMS-system.


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