Nordic Stories – The Photographer

In a world of infinite transportation possibilities there’s still a lack of flexibility and durability. With the Walleräng M.01 e-bike we aim to take the next step in getting you and your things where you want to go. Everyday.

Here we follow photographer Martin Necander on a day at work with the M.01.

A work tool
As a photographer you rarely find an easy way to get the perfect picture. Often you find yourself climbing the highest hill or clinging on a ledge to get to the best vantage point. With the sturdy Shimano Steps e-bike system and the modular abilities of the M.01 it no longer requires only leg strength to get the job done.

Everyday Travel accessories
The Modular Travel System comes in handy when it comes to carrying your gear. In this case the swedish Thule Pack ’n Pedal commuter bags comes as excellent photo gear carriers.

Nordic Stories is our way to give you a glimpse of the life, culture and nature in the nordic region of Europe, all trough the eyes of a cyclist. In a sometimes harsh climate life isn’t always easy but that is what makes us highly productive with a strong history of innovation.